Blog is a short term for "Web log".

Blogs are easy-to-use websites that allow participants to post information, comment and view others contributions. They can include text, graphics (pictures), videos and links to other websites.

In an educational setting there can be many uses, including homework sites, class websites, and interactive student blogs (literature circles, collaborative studies, notes, etc.). You can learn more at

Here are a few websites that we can use to get some ideas about what we can do with blogs. Please take a few minutes to review some of these and work in your group to identify some ideas that you can use blogs for in your classroom. We will brainstorm as a class in a few minutes.

School Community Websites

Elementary Class Websites

Middle/High Project / Class Websites

Teacher PD sites

Professional/Reflective Journals

FREE blogging services are available at: (note that this site does contain links to random blogs, a potential concern) (ad free for teachers) (a free service for educators, pictures must be hosted elsewhere to use)