Assignment: Personal Reflective Blog

Value: 20%
Deadline: On-going, regular weekly postings

Each student will develop and maintain an on-line personal reflective blog. This blog space will act as a journal in which students will post observations about what we are learning during the course of study, how it relates to education, business and society and their own personal learning. Examples of what students might blog about would be:

• something we discussed in class that they were able to use
• observations of ways that students (or your own children) were using technology - and in particular the web - in their learning
• observations about new barriers and opportunities created by technology for learning and community building
• effective teaching, learning and business strategies using technology
• sharing and reactions to something you have read or seen in the media regarding how technology has altered the way we work, play and learn

The ideas are endless...just your thoughts...

Students should blog at least twice a week...these don't have to be lengthy....just a paragraph or two....

You may use any blog provider you wish. is easy if you want a suggestion.

You can check out your fellow classmates blogs by following the Student Blogs link.

Directions on creating and updating your blog are below.