By the end of the course students should have:
  • Demonstrated a basic understanding of the potential impact of the read/write web in educational and business environments
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the emerging literacy / information skills of the 21st Century
  • Developed the skills necessary to encourage and lead the integration of web 2.0 authoring tools in an educational and business settings
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the basic functions and types of emerging web 2.0 tools including:

    o Blogging (School / community communication, Teacher / class communication, Literature studies, Student authorship, Collaborative project work)
    o Wikis (Teacher generated materials, Student generated notes, Collaborative workspaces)
    o Podcasts (Audio production, Video production, Hosting)
    o RSS Feeds & Other web 2.0 tools (Photo sharing (e.g. flickr), Video sharing (e.g. YouTube), Social Networking (e.g. My Space))

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic design of web-based, student and employee collaborative projects
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the issues surrounding cyber-awareness (predators, bullying, netiquette)