Final Project / Presentation Topics:

Value: 30% - This will be instructor assessed.

Follow this link to find the Final Project presentations. Note: If your name is not on the list for presentation let me know ASAP.

The group projects will be marked by the instructor using the following rubric.

Working alone or with a partner, students will research and prepare a 10-15 minute presentation that will be presented during the last two weeks of class on selected topics. You may choose one from the list below or choose another upon approval of the instructor. Everyone must be involved in the presentation ( are training to be teachers!).

What is expected is a 10-15 minute presentation directed at your peers where you would teach your fellow classmates about a particular topic...there is no student lesson involved here. For instance, if your group is looking at Math games and other teaching might want to show us about on-line and downloaded Math games (check out, a neat downloadable game called "Timez Attack", The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, etc)...Google is great...remember our search tips...:)...just show us an overview of what is up a powerpoint or other document that you can share with us during the presentation and we can post on the wiki.

You should also do up a brief written outline of what you have found (this is not to be very long...the shorter the better (eg. one page!)) and what value it has in the classroom. It shall be properly formatted and have a proper cover and standard reference page.

This report will be due the last day of class.

Possible Topics

  • Timez Attack to learn multiplication tables
  • Audacity for Language Learning
  • Digital Storytelling to capture First Nations heritage
  • Digital Portfolios using PowerPoint
  • Using SMART Sync as a classroom management tool
  • Classroom Response systems (e.g. Senteos) as an assessment tool
  • Using SMART Notebook to teach native languages
  • Video Book Trailers
  • PowerPoint as a poetry platform
  • Video as a platform for personal narratives
  • Stop motion animation (eg. claymation) in the classroom
  • Marvin animation software
  • Technology Resources for Learning Disabilities (you could focus on a specific disability)
  • Flight Simulation