Course Schedule of Topics


· All classes begin at 5:00 pm and will end by 8:00 pm (AST). A 15 minute break will be included during the class.

September 20

· Welcome & Introductions
· Review of Course Outline, Expectations, Assignments, Assessment, Resources
· History of Personal Computing
· Models of technology in the classroom; single computer classroom, computer clusters, labs, 1:1 projects
· Computers in Business
· Email
· Types of Operating systems
· File Management
· Setting Up Your Reflective Blog
· Discussion: Technology in society – A necessary evil or a valuable tool?

September 27

Response Paper Assigned
· Software overview– Proprietary, Shareware, Freeware, Open Source
· Menaces on the Net; virus’ and spyware
· Manipulating text, data, images
· Word Processing
· Basics of Lesson / Projects Planning - Embedding Technology
· Discussion: Keyboarding – the new handwriting? Is cursive writing lost to the ages?

October 4

· Presentation Software – PowerPoint as a teaching / learning / working tool
· Templates, photos, audio/video
· Pen-based peripherals
· Search Engines; Finding Information on the Internet
· Discussion: TBA

October 11

· Assistive / Adaptive Technology
· Technology and disabilities; “Read Please” and other software
· Interactive White Boards (Part 1)
· Discussion: Is an on-line environment “real”? Is it relevant to who we are off-line?

October 18

· Photography - taking digital photos, formats, downloading, manipulating
· Digital storytelling, storyboards (PowerPoint, Photostory, etc.)
· Interactive White Boards (Part 2)
· Discussion: Assistive Technologies – too much assistance? Is having the computer read to struggling readers encouraging illiteracy?


October 25

· Video – telling stories
· Instructional video resources – Web based streaming video sources (media, educational video, etc.)
· Student created videos (MovieMaker / iMovie), formats, players
· Copyright – software, images, video
· Citations
· Cyber Safety; The role of the school and community
· The World “Wild” Web – Monitoring access at school, work and home
· Discussion: Using images and videos – sound pedagogy or a futile attempt to compete with television and videos?

November 1

· Gaming as a teaching tool
· Web-based games
· Teacher produced games (e.g. Jeopardy)
· “Educational” games (e.g. Timez Attack)
· "Do It Yourself" Professional Development for teachers; edublogs, webinars, on-line conferences
· Discussion: Keeping kids safe on the net; whose job is it - parents or teachers?

November 22

· Group Presentations – Business Groups (peer and instructor evaluated)

November 29

· Group Presentations – Education Groups (peer and instructor evaluated)
· Last Class