Course Schedule of Topics - 2011


  • All classes (Mondays) begin at 7:00 pm and will end by 10:00 pm (Atlantic Time). A 15 minute break will be included during the class.·
  • There will be weekly readings assigned from the digital textbooks and other on-line references.

Monday, January 17

· Review of Course Outline, Expectations, Assignments, Assessment, Resources
· Presentation - "Did You Know"
· Emerging technologies in education
· What is web 2.0? – the read/write web
· History of web 2.0

· Constructivism - Student-centered learning
· An approach to assessment - Rubric builders on-line

· Discussion: Given the changing nature of information, can teachers be effective educators without changing too?

Monday, January 24

· Internet 1.0 – An Introduction to the Internet
· Search Tools - Finding / evaluating information on the Net / Webquests
· Ethics / Safety on the Web
· Acceptable Use Policies for Schools

· Basic 21st Century Literacy Skills - why the 3 R's aren't enough anymore.

Special's a secret....

· Discussion: What types of websites should be blocked inside schools and workplaces?

Monday, January 31

· What the heck is a blog? How can it be used in the classroom to teach 21st Century Literacy Skills?
· Classroom Blogging – the basics of where and how?
· Common web-based blog services
· School / home communication
· Blog-based literature circles
· Other uses

· Assessing information on the web – If anyone can put information on the web, how do we assess the credibility of on-line resources?

· Discussion: Are textbooks still relevant? Can you see a classroom without texts? What would replace them?

Monday, February 7

Wikis - Part 1
· First blogs? Now wikis? What is this new world anyway? A brief history of this new web tool.
· Practical applications of wikis in the classroom and business
· Using wikis to share information with students, parents and customers
· Introduction to constructing wikis

· Discussion: TBA

Monday, February 14

Wikis - Part 2
· Student writing on the web / The impact of user generated content
· Global Collaborative Projects
· Advanced wiki tools

Monday, February 21

Note: Response paper Due

· Podcasting – the basics!
· Audio vs video
· Equipment / skill needed?
· Problem-based learning; a different approach using technology

· Discussion: Can we compete in the world without technology? Can schools and businesses succeed without the web?

Monday, February 28

"Managing Your Digital Footprint"

Other Web 2.0 tools for collaboration – photosharing (e.g. flickr), videosharing (e.g YouTube), etc.
· Using web 2.0 tools for student collaborative projects
· Basic design of collaborative projects

· Web-based applications (word processors, spreadsheets, etc)
· Life-long learning – “do it yourself” Professional Development
· Webinars
· On-line Conferences

· Discussion: Why are working on collaborative projects important in a new, flat world?

Monday, March 14

Note: Lesson Plans Due

- Google Docs

Monday, March 21


Monday, March 28

Final Project Presentations

Monday, April 4

Final Project Presentations