Assignment - Lesson Plan Preparation

Value - 20%
Deadline: Monday, March 14th.

Working individually or in groups of up to three, participants will prepare a lesson/activity plan (K-12) that incorporates the application of some form of web-based tool by students. The lesson plan should clearly describe the technology skills that will be required / acquired by all participants (e.g. teacher, students, etc.) and how technology is to be utilized by students within the lesson / activity.

The lesson plan template below can be downloaded, completed and returned to the instructor via email. It includes an outline of the sections necessary. You may also include any other information you deem necessary.

Possible web-based tools include: blogs, wikis, on-line photos, streaming video (e.g. YouTube), etc.

For information on lesson planning, check here. You can search there for different lesson plans as well. Note that most of these plans do not include the use of web technology, but you might be able to use an idea and modify a plan.

Lesson plan template can be downloaded and completed here... external image msword.png Lesson Plan Template.doc