Assignment - Response Paper

Deadline: Monday, February 21st.

This assignment will be worth 20% of the course grade.

Participants will prepare a response paper (max. 500 words) to the following two assigned reading(s) and one video on technology and creativity in the learning process.

Respond to the two articles and the video presentation. The paper should reflect your personal experiences in education and/or business, the benefits and challenges of the 21st Century classroom and workplace, and the role you see technology playing in the future.

I would really like your ideas about what challenges you see for us (as individuals, parents, schools and communities) as we go forward, particularly with respect to the futuristic ideas about how the nature of information will continue to change as presented in the Epic 2015 video. Just what role web 2.0 technology will need to play in education and society in general in the future?

The paper will be written using a word processor and emailed to the instructor as an attachment. It should be properly formatted, including a cover page and references.

Article: Futurist: To Fix Education, Think Web 2.0

Article: Technology in Schools: Some Say It Doesn't Compute!

Video: Epic 2015