Class Attendance & Participation (incl. on-line discussion) 10%

Deadline: On-going - weekly responses

Participants will attend all classes and are expected to participate in the class discourse. They will also be expected to participate in the on-line class response / discussion blog during the course of the study.

Personal Reflective Blog (On-line Journal) 20%

Deadline: On-going - weekly posts

Each participant will continue to maintain a personal reflective journal (may have been started in ED 3862) detailing their individual reflections on the study. A minimum of two journal entries per week are expected. Assessment will be based on a demonstrated depth and breadth of understanding of the application and implications of technology within our classrooms, workplaces ans society and a link to personal experience.

Response Paper 20%

Deadline: Monday, February 21

Participants will prepare a response paper (max. 500 words) to assigned reading(s) and/ or videos on topics related to the use of web 2.0 tools in education, the workplace and society.

Lesson Planning 20%

Deadline: Monday, March 14

Working individually or in pairs, participants will prepare a lesson/activity plan (K-12) that incorporates the application of some form of web 2.0 technology by students. The lesson plan should clearly describe the technology skills that will be required/acquired by all participants (e.g. teacher, students, staff, etc.) and how technology is to be utilized within the activity.

Final Project / Presentation 30%

Deadline: Presentations to take place during the last two weeks of class

Individuals or pairs will choose a topic, covering either a specific issue or new resource in educational technology or business.

a) Participants will research, correlate, prepare and present a 15-20 minute presentation on this topic. Reflective and peer assessment will be used for this activity.

b) Develop a web 2.0 space (e.g. wiki, blog, etc) demonstrating your assigned topic. It is due the last day of class (for all groups).